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le froggy


2 December 1983
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My profile..
age: 23
Location: laguna hills/California
occupation: free lance artist, student at the Art Instruction School of MN.
love: art, anime, reading, writing.
hate: aggressive/ self centered people, people who don't think for themselves,
being alone.

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~* about me *~

I really hope to be a Childrens book illustrator. Right now I'm attending the art instruction school of MN, and am currently enrolled in ROP graphic design.
I live with my Fiance Carlos who has been a strong support in my dreams, we plan to get married sometime this year and plan to start a family soon.
I edmire every artist out there and enjoy seeing new things.
^___^ I'm mostly a shy, outgoing person, I love making friends, i don't judge people and Im not into labels.


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